Independent Studio of the Year

Specific eligibility:

  • Participating studios must have released a title (at least in a public beta) or must have made a significant announcement during the Eligible Time Period.
  • For the purposes of awards consideration, an “Indie Studio” is defined as a company which:
    • a) employs a maximum of 30 staff OR has annual revenues of no more than $500,000;
    • b) is based in Romania and not majority owned by a non-Romanian third party.
    • c) has not made a submission for the “Game Development Company Of The Year” award.

When evaluating this category, judges will take into account the game(s) released by the studio in the Eligible Time Period (including – if available – user reviews, critical reviews, download figures, etc), notable media or press materials about the studio, marketing campaigns led by the studio, or any other notable achievements. When applying for this category, studios should consider including links to such public information / materials.


Angry Mob Games

Amber Studio

Gummy Cat

Ovilex Software