Best International Franchise Game Developed in Romania

Category Description and Eligibility 

Specific eligibility:

  • Participating games must be submitted by the development studio.
  • Public proof of development participation is required (i.e. credits mention, press release, etc).
  • Details about the sections of the game developed in Romania will be required in the submission form. Development contributions which are not material enough may not be considered eligible.
  • Participating games must have been released (at least in a public beta) during the Eligible Time Period (01-Jul-2022 to 31-Aug-2023).

The winner of this category will be decided through a public voting campaign. The Organizer will create a public voting form which will be made available on the RGA website. The voting form will be promoted by the Organizer through its own channels, but selected nominees are encouraged to promote the category themselves as well.